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CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)Fuel System fills up a vehicle
with natural gas as fuel by tapping city gas. The system consists
of compressor, control panel, storage tank, and fuel dispenser.


To cope with pollution problem caused the city’s heavy traffic, the local government of Busan Metropolitan City has been enforcing environmental policy which substitutes diesel fueled vehicles with natural gas fueled one. To proactively meet the government’s environmental policy, Busan City Gas has been operating six refueling stations throughout the city of Busan.

CNG Refueling Diagram

1. City Gas Pipes, 2. Compressor(Firewall), 3. Supply Control Panel(Firewall), 4. Storage Container(Firewall), 5.Charger, Refuel Buses
CNG Refueling
Components Description
Compressor Compresses natural gas up to 250 bars
Control Panel Distributes compressed natural gas to storage tank and fuel dispenser in simultaneous manner
Storage Tank Stores compressed natural gas at 250 bars
Fuel Decompresses compressed natural gas to 200 bars and fills it to CNG vehicles