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City Gas Distribution


City gas refers to a form of natural gas collected from gas fields,
which is liquefied into LNG, transported, vaporized back into
natural gas, and supplied to places where
it is in demand, through pipelines.

  • Environment-friendly During the liquefaction process of natural gas, impurities such as dust, sulfur, nitrogen, etc. are removed, therefore leading to almost no emission of pollutants during combustion, making it a clean form of energy.
  • Economical Natural gas has a relatively higher combustibility and thermal efficiency, so it is an economical fuel that contributes to energy conservation.
  • Convenient to Use City gas is supplied to gas appliances through pipes. Therefore, it does not require separate transportation or storage facilities, and creates no foreign materials. Also, as their gas appliances are small, their space occupancy is lower.
  • Safe Natural gas is lighter than air. Therefore, if there is a leakage, it will diffuse into the air quickly, making it highly unlikely to have leakages that ill lead to fire and other accidents. Furthermore, the ignition temperature of natural gas is higher than that of other fuels, making it a safer fuel.
  • Can Be Supplied Safely Natural gas is stored in abundance in various places throughout the world, thus playing a significant role as an alternative to oil.


Due to its environment-friendliness, safety, convenience, and economic feasibility, city gas is widely used for domestic, commercial, business, industrial, and Power Business purposes.

  • Business or commercial buildings
  • House heating and cooking
  • Combined heat and Power generation
  • Industrial
  • Cooling
  • Vehicle CNG

Supply Route

We receive our natural gas supply from KOGAS, and supply it to ordinary users after passing a district or region monostat.

Supply Route : Gas fields > Liquefaction base > Transportation by sea > Receiving terminals (Pyeongtaek/Incheon/Tongyeong) > High-pressure pipe(7MPa) > Supply management center > Supply management center(2.7MPa), District heating(0.85MPa), Medium-pressure pipe(0.85MPa) > District monostat City gas. District monostat City gas > Medium-pressure pipe(0.4~0.5MPa) > Industrial, Commercial, Regional monostat. Regional monostat >  Low-pressure pipe(2.5MPa) > Domestic, Business/Commercial.