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Gas Cooling & Heating


GHP, or Gas-engine driven Heat Pump, is a fairly new product
on the market. It provides both cooling and heating utilizing
natural gas instead of electricity. GHP runs a compressor
powered by natural gas based gas engine, and circulates
a refrigerant
for cooling in summer and heating in winter.


Alternative Energy Source for Electricity

The annual electricity consumption peaks during the summer because of the cooling demand. Since GHP uses gas instead of electricity, it reduces electricity consumption, maintaining the energy mix of Korea in optimum level. Overall social costs can be minimized by getting rid of the needs to construct and maintain additional power plants and natural gas storage facilities.

Excellent Heating and Cooling

Because GHP utilizes exhaust gas emitted by the engine, it takes less time to reach the desired room temperature regardless of outside weather condition. And because GHP is least affected by the outside weather condition thanks to its unique heat-exchange design, it is more reliable when used in longer period of time and/or used in extreme weather conditions.

Low Maintenance Costs

Because GHP utilizes natural gas which is reasonably priced compared to other fuels, customers can cut the maintenance costs by 20-30% (For cooling, a separate cooling rate system is used.)