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Sustainability Management


SKMS(SK Management System)is the management principle
that has been the foundation of SK’s continuity and growth,
and is the management system
jointly used by SK affiliates, including SK E&S.

Significance of Establishment

SKMS is a management system that all members of SK agree on and share.
It has systematically organized the unified definition and principles of SK management.

Basic Management
Business view, Value, Management Principles
Business Operation
Operation Principle of SKMS (SK Management Sysem)
SUPEX Target/Execution Strategy , Role of Components and Leaders, Creation of a SUPEX-striving Environment
Business Management
Static ElementsUtilization of static elements
  • Marketing
  • Research and development
  • Human power and organization
  • Purchasing
  • Corporate relations (CR)
  • Production
  • Strategic opportunities
  • Accounting and finance
Dynamic ElementsUtilization of dynamic elements
  • Practice by members
  • Practice by the company
  • Dynamic elementsMotivation, work competency,
    Coordination Communication,
    SK-manship, etc.

SUPEX stems from SK’s commitment to attain
a 'Super Excellent' level in its business activities to achieve SKMS.

How to Achieve

SUPEX helps with the efficient achievement of SKMS’s basic management principles and business management elements in the field. If SKMS is the management principle, SUPEX is the method of achieving such management principle.

Super Excellent

SUPEX refers to “Super-Excellent level,” the highest level that can be achieved by human capacity.
SUPEX can be achieved through the following two methods.

- When an absolute value can be derived theoretically, that theoretic absolute value becomes the SUPEX.

- When an absolute value cannot be derived theoretically, it should be pondered if there is a higher level, a level must be sought that is equivalent to the highest level that cannot be achieved by human capacity.

When setting a target for business activities, the target must strive to achieve the absolutely highest value, the SUPEX. Moreover, as it is difficult to achieve this immediately, the SUPEX must be set at the given time and resources, and repeated efforts must be made to achieve this level.

Accordingly, the target Challenging but Achievable (CbA), a level higher than Better Company, signifies achieving the SUPEX with consideration of time and resources.