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Small-Scale Co-Generation


The small-scale co-generation system is a high energy efficiency
system that produces both heat and energy
, utilizing natural gas.
It has been adopted by many developed countries for its stability, environment friendliness,
economic feasibility and reliability. It is truly a next generation energy system.

1-1. KEPCO Services, 1-2. Electricity Services, 1-3. Electrical Energy(Power,Heat Transfer,Lighting). 2-1. KEPCO Services , 2-2.Co-Generator and High-Efficiency Boiler, 2-3. Heat Recovery 2-4.Heat Exchanger, 2-5. Thermal energy(Heating and cooling, Hot Water).


Busan City gas’ energy efficient co-generation system improves overall system efficiency by 80%, reducing both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. In turn, our co-generation system enhances national energy efficiency by replacing the need of centralized power plant with small scale distributed generator.

Ordinary Generation
Energy Use efficiency 50%, Fuel Energy 100%, Electricity 49.9%, Loss 50.1%
Energy Use efficiency 82%, Fuel Energy 100%, Electricity 42.1%, Heat 39.9%, Loss 19.3%
Average heating tariff for household of 106m2
(Source: Korea Energy Management Corporation)
  • Central Heating System: 140% (1.75 million won)
  • Individual Heating System: 135% (1.69 million won)
  • District Heating System: 127% (1.59 million won)

City Gas Co-Generation: 100% (1.25 million won) → to be reduced up to 40% annually

Advantages of small-scale co-generator
  • It enhances the property value where it is installed, making it more attractive to potential home buyers
  • It is more safe and convenient than individual heating
  • The system can supply electricity in stable manner even in times of natural disaster
  • The system provides professional energy management service, reducing overall energy cost for customers
  • The system alleviates heating imbalances among households within the system
  • National energy resources can be efficiently utilized by substituting large, centralized power plant
  • It helps the local and central government comply with international environment regulation such as Kyoto Protocol