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SK E&S starts the “Hydrogen Fueled Green Busan” project to aid Busan in a bid to host World Expo 2030.

2022. 9. 19. [Press Release]
SK E&S starts the “Hydrogen Fueled Green Busan” project to aid Busan in a bid to host World Expo 2030.
- SK E&S-MOE-Busan City Government-Hyundai Motors signed an MOU for creating hydrogen economy ecosystem to contribute to Busan’s bid to host World Expo 2030.
-Build hydrogen-based green mass transportation system and infrastructure to get an upper hand for becoming the host of World Expo 2030.
- Replace 1,000 buses with hydrogen-based buses, build 10 liquified hydrogen charging stations, foster 10 small businesses specializing in hydrogen industry, and create eco-friendly hydrogen-based seaports.

SK E&S joins in Busan City’s effort to host World Expo 2030 through the project named “Hydrogen Fueled Green Busan” as a part of private-public cooperation for adopting 1,000 hydrogen fueled buses to the metropolitan city.

SK E&S has signed an MOU with Busan City Government, Ministry of Environment(MOE), Busan Port Authority, Hyundai Motors, Busan Techno Park, and Busan Metrobus Company Association to work together to create a hydrogen economy ecosystem aimed at assisting Busan’s effort to be elected as the host city of World Expo 2030.

The MOU is aimed at aiding successful bidding of Busan to be the host city of World Expo 2030 by transforming Busan into an eco-friendly hydrogen leader with a hydrogen ecosystem such as hydrogen-based mobility, charging infrastructure and expert companies and human resources. The project intends to present “Carbon Neutral Expo” model based on hydrogen energy to promote green image of Busan as a hydrogen city to differentiate itself from other competitors.

Under the MOU, the metropolitan city government and the parties agreed to turn a 1,000 diesel or CNG-based buses into hydrogen fuel basis. According to Busan City Government’s plan, about 322 inner-city and shuttle buses will first be replaced in 2023 with additional 402 and 285 to be converted in 2024 and 2025 respectively. The plan includes construction of ten charging stations in hub locations of the city to ensure a stable supply of hydrogen fuel.

The signatories of the MOU have also agreed to build a hydrogen ecosystem in the city. They plan to discover promising candidate companies in the city and nurture them into ten hydrogen expert companies by providing support for their R&D activities and manpower development.  

In addition, Busan port, a global logistic hub, will become an “ecofriendly hydrogen seaport.” The project includes building combined hydrogen (charging) station in the seaport as well as converting trucks, special equipment and vessels into a hydrogen-based mobility systems.

Under the MOU, SK E&S takes the responsibility of supplying liquified hydrogen, constructing charging infrastructure and contributing to activities for nurturing small businesses in order to create a hydrogen ecosystem and new jobs in the Busan Metropolitan City.
SK Group, under the leadership of Chairman Choi Tae-Won, who is serving as a co-Chair of World Expo 2030 Busan Bid Committee, has launched “WE (World Expo) TF (Task Force) and has been conducting vibrant activities to back Busan in the bid to host World Expo in 2030. Taking this MOU as the starting point, SK E&S will focus of its capabilities that the company has accumulated in the energy industry on assisting the Bid Committee achieve its goal of hosting 2030 World Expo in Busan.  

CEO Choo Hyung-Wook of SK E&S said “Busan Metropolitan City will be able to present itself as an example of green city as well as being successfully selected as the host of 2030 World Expo if Busan transforms itself into a clean hydrogen leader city spearheading global effort to transition to carbon neutrality in 2030, a year marking the mid-point toward the goal of carbon neutral 2050.