Renewable Energy

By adding pipelines that supply solar PV power and wind power,
providing RE100/VPP solutions and growing overseas business
through global partnership, we will grow into a global renewable player.
  • Add pipelines that supply 1GW of
    large-scale solar PV power and wind
    power generation every year
  • Provide RE100 solution
    Leading player of VPPs
  • Grow in the global market and
    generate carbon credits

SK E&S will add pipelines supplying
1GW of power generated by renewable energy
every year in and outside of Korea.

  • Jeonnam Solar Power

    Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation

    As of December, 2021, SK E&S is operating and developing solar PV power plants with 1.2GW of capacity. The company will expand its solar PV power generation over the waters/the ocean.
  • Shinan Wind Power

    Wind Power

    SK E&S is operating large-scale onshore wind farms in Shinan, Jeonnam Province and Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province. The company is also developing wind farm I, II and III (with combined capacity of 900MW) which is Korea's largest jointly with CIP, the Danish global leader in renewable energy.

We will also expand our RE100 solution business,
which is expected to see a rapid increase in demand

Expanding to RE100 business

There is a growing interest in joing RE100 which is an initiative bringing together businesses voluntarily committed to 100% renewable electricity to achieve carbon neutrality. By exploring competitive renewable energy sources in Korea and purchasing PPA or RECs to provide power for companies in the best possible way, SK E&S is supporting RE100 companies for their RE100 commitment.

SK E&S is expanding its renewable energy business in the global market, which will help the company generate carbon credits and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emission.

Renewable energy business in the global market

Starting with a solar PV project in Vietnam in 2020, the company has been exploring and implementing solar PV and wind power projects in Southeast Asia. These projects will generate carbon credits and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emission.
Vietnam Tan Phu Dong / Wind power 100 MW Vietnam Tan Phu Dong / Wind power 100 MW

By leveraging SK E&S's capabilities as a developer, we will be
the first mover in renewable energy including solar
and wind power and grow the business.