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Renewable Energy

SK E&S is focused on the development of new and renewable energy
to expand sustainable future business opportunities and meet
the government’s RPS* requirements.

Currently, we are developing and operating new and renewable energy equipment with a total capacity of 90 MW and plan to continuously expand. Our investments are concentrated on solar, wind, and fuel cell energy sources.
In the long run, we intend to discover new and renewable energy sources such as biomass and energy storage systems (ESS), and to further develop our business portfolio to strengthen our new and renewable energy competencies and create a strong basis for environmental protection.

*RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard): Policy requiring supply of new and renewable energy

Solar Power Generation

Currently generating 25.8MW of solar energy

Solar Power Generation
Capacity Commercial Operation Location
Haman Solar Power Plant 0.9MW January 2012 Gyeongnam Haman
Changwon Solar Power Plant # 1 3MW December 2012 Gyeongnam Changwon
Changwon Solar Power Plant # 2 0.9MW June 2013 Gyeongnam Changwon
Jeunpyeong Solar Power Plant 1MW January 2013 Chungbuk Jeunpyeong
Pohang Solar Power Plant 3.8MW December 2013 Gyeongbuk Pohang
Jeonnam Solar Power Plant # 1 1.7MW December 2013 Jeonnam Gwangyang
Jeonnam Solar Power Plant # 2 1.5MW December 2014 Jeonnam Gwangyang
Jeonnam Solar Power Plant # 3 1.3MW January 2017 Jeonnam Gwangyang
Yeoju Solar Power Plant 1MW June 2014 Gyeonggi Yeoju
Busan Solar Power Plant 2.7MW October 2014 Gyeongnam Busan
Dongwon Solar Power Plant 3.1MW November 2014 Gyeongbuk Gumi
Gangneung Solar Power Plant 1.2MW January 2015 Kangwon Gangneung
Gunsan Solar Power Plant 0.8MW January 2018 Jeonbuk Gunsan
Ulsan Solar Power Plant 1.1MW January 2018 Ulsan Namgu
Ochang Solar Power Plant 0.6MW February 2018 Chungbuk Cheongwon
Okcheon Solar Power Plant 1.2MW March 2018 Chungbuk Okcheon
Wind Power

SK E&S is operating a large-scale onshore wind power project in Shinan, Jeollanam-do in Korea. The company is also pushing ahead with a large-scale offshore wind power project in the same region, capitalizing on abundent wind resource.

Wind Power
Type Project Capacity Location Status
wind power
Shinan Green 63MW Shinan,
Wind Power
21.6MW Pyeongchang,
(1Q 2021)
Wind Power
37.6MW Yangsan,
(end of 2021)
Wind Power
138.6MW Samchuck,
(end of 2023)
wind power
Jeonnam Offshore 1 96MW Shinan,
In development
(in the process of acquiring power business permit and development permit)
Jeonnam Offshore 2, 3 800MW Shinan,
Total wind power capacity 1,156.8MW
Fuel Cell Power Generation

SK E&S is operating Gangdong and Busan Green fuel cell power plants and building Myeongji fuel cell power plant in Busan.

Fuel Cell Power Generation
Project Capacity Location Status
Gangdong 19.8MW Gangdong, Seoul Operating
Busan Green 30.8MW Haeundae, Busan Operating
Godeock Green (O&M) 17.5MW Gangdong, Seoul Operating
Busan Myeongji 9.8MW Myeongji, Busan Under construction
Total fuel cell power capacity 77.9MW