SK E&S realizes SHE management, which is trusted by all stakeholders.
SHE Safety·Health·Environment
  • Safety protect lives of workers and equipment through accident prevention
  • Health Prevent addiction or diseases of employees, caused by dangerous substances, and enhance their health
  • Environment Prevent pollution of air, water, and soil, and minimize negative effects on the environment

SHE Management System

SK E&S analyzes essential management elements for safety management of globally advanced nations, establishes 13 safety·health·environment (SHE) operation elements, and applies them to the corporate business management regulations and procedures.
  • SHE Business Management Establish and continuously improve SHE operating system
    • Emergency Response Management
    • Occupational Health Management
    • SHE Management of Business Partner
    • Chemical Substance Management
    • Environmental Management
    • SHE Change Management
    • SHE Educational and Training Management
    • Accident Management
    • SHE Law Management
    • Process Facility Safety Management
    • Occupational Safety Management
  • SHE Audit Frequently check if the SHE operating system is properly implemented and find areas for improvement
  • Feedback on business management
  • Upgrade the SHE operating system to secure top-level SHE competitiveness

Safety Management(S)

Accident report and risk management

SK E&S operates the Issue & Risk Report (IRR) system to manage and share SHE risk across the company. It also systematically manages accident response processes to rapidly respond to risks and prevent the occurrence of similar accidents.

Accident and major disaster prevention activities

SK E&S pursues accident-free management by continuously performing accident prevention activities and conducting educational programs to raise employees' safety awareness so that accidents do not occur in the workplace and that all employees of the company can return home safely after work
  • LTIR1) index of major business sites
    Number of serious accidents for the past 3 years
    Category 2018 2019 2020
    SK E&S (Headquarters) 0 0 0
    City gas 0.074 0.124 0.358
    Power generation and group energy 0.225 0 0
    LNG terminal 0 0 0
    All workplaces 0.091 0.079 0.222
    • 1) LTIR(Lost Time Injury Frequency) includes SK E & S and subsidiaries. Figures excluding the number of partner companies (based on 200,000 manhour)

Basic Safety Rules(SGRs, Safety Golden Rules)

SK E&S has established basic safety rules that all members need to comply with by analyzing major causes of accidents of each business. The safety management organization of each business continuously checks and manages whether people comply with the basic safety rules through on-site inspections.

Health Management(H)

Occupational health management

In order to regularly measure, evaluate, and improve harmful factors in each workplace, SK E&S measures each work environment on a regular basis, and the results are shared with all members. In addition, it selects hazardous elements that need to be managed among ergonomic, physical, chemical, biological, and mental factors of each business site to prevent diseases including occupational diseases, and establishes and applies management standards. Furthermore, it carries out regular health checkups for employees considering the business characteristics and work environment.

Response to COVID-19

SK E&S has organized an emergency response team to handle COVID-19, which first occurred in December 2019, and formulated an emergency response system to preemptively and actively handle the pandemic. In 2021, we plan to publish and distribute the 'COVID-19 white paper for safety management and guide for emergency response to infectious diseases' based on the experiences we accumulated when responding to COVID-19 to handle possible infectious diseases not just COVID-19, and promote activities to upgrade the infectious disease management level of the headquarters and workplace.

Environment Management(E)

Green management

In 2020, SK E&S obtained the integrated environmental permit from the Ministry of Environment for 7 business sites including Gwangyang Natural Gas Power Plant. Each site makes all efforts to become a green workplace by introducing Best Available Technology (BAT) as well as complying with the permit conditions.

Water Resource Management

SK E&S makes diverse efforts to manage water resources such as reviewing methods of introducing and operating cooling water reuse processes to decrease water use and wastewater.
  • Total water usage  2018 10,351,435tons 2019 11,400,634tons 2020 10,053,519tons
  • Total wastewater discharge 2018 1,299,678tons 2019 1,178,205 2020 750,398tons

Air Pollution Management

All power plants of SK E&S make efforts to minimize the impact of their business on the environment by installing and operating air pollutant prevention facilities and tracking and managing the concentration of the pollutants to be emitted to the air in real time.
  • Generation of air pollutants (NOx) 2018 2,118tons 2019 2,144tons 2020년 1,881tons
    • Four business sites for power generation/CHP generation

Waste Management

SK E&S properly treats general and specific wastes, generated from each business site, through the legally allowed procedures for each type such as recycling, incineration, and landfill.