Win-Win Management

SK E&S has reorganized its supply chain management system from the perspective of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management, making it mandatory for suppliers to comply with the ESG Code of Conduct.
  • Compliance with the ethical code for procurement
    • Compliance with the basic principles of fair and transparent transactions
    • Compliance with laws and international agreements (Declaration of Human Rights, UN Global Compact, etc.)
    • Reporting of violations, and protection of informants
  • Establishment of the fair bid evaluation guide
    • Establishment and compliance with principles of selecting business partners
    • Bidding processes
    • Detailed guidelines, etc.
  • Establishment of the ESG Code of Conduct for Business Partners
    • Compliance with the management system, such as human rights, labor safety and health
    • Environmentally friendly workplace management
    • Corporate ethics, etc.
  • procurement principles of the procurement management
    • Compliance with corporate social responsibilities, such as win-win growth and labor, human rights, anti-corruption, environment, etc.

Code of conduct

  • Labor Rights and Human Rights

    Business partners should strive to create workplaces without discrimination and harassment in the employment, promotion, and education of workers because of social status and political opinions, and there should be no harsh or inhumane treatment, such as unreasonable restrictions on workers. In addition, all work must be done voluntarily and comply with the working age, working hours, wages, and freedom of union membership, as prescribed by national laws and regulations.
  • Safety/Health

    Business partners shall comply with the safety and health laws and regulations of each country in which the business operates and obtain and maintain all industrial safety- and health-related licenses necessary for the operation of the business. For workers’ industrial safety, all risk factors should be removed, and preventive measures should be taken. Exposure to risk factors should be avoided by providing appropriate protective equipment to all workers. In addition, emergency measures and response procedures should be established to minimize damage, keep all facilities clean, and regularly evaluate the stability of harmful or dangerous machinery/facilities in the workplace.
  • Environment

    Business partners shall adhere to the environmental laws and regulations of each country in which the business operates, comply with environmental licensing and reporting requirements, and comply with our environmental/quality management standards. In addition, efforts shall be made to minimize the negative environmental impact of business operations. Efforts shall also be made to ensure the safe management of the transportation, storage, use, and disposal of chemicals handled during the operation of the project, comply with relevant laws, prevent environmental pollution and reduce resource use, and adhere to all laws, regulations, and customer requirements.
  • Management system

    Business partners must spread information about their commitment to fulfill their social obligations, as well as the code of conduct, both at home and abroad. Adopting and establishing a management system to adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and requirements, as well as clarifying both self-compliance and responsibility of management, recognizing and monitoring relevant laws and regulations, verifying customer requirements, managing company operations risks, setting goals and performance assessments, operating training systems for employees, and confirming the procedures for the compliance of guiding principles, should be followed.
  • Ethics

    All business partners who transact with SK E&S and pursue free competition in their commercial dealings abide by all legal requirements in their operations, respect cultural norms through the Compliance Program of SK E&S, and make an ongoing effort to comply. In addition, the Company creates and implements various programs to encourage win-win growth with all business partners and work together to maintain honest and fair commerce.