Ethical Management

SK E&S establishes Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics Guidelines that are the
basis of the actions and decisions of the company and its employees, and operates various
programs with the goal of internalizing ethical management activities of all the members.

Direction of Ethical Management

  • Attitude towards customers
    Satisfy customers continuously, gain their trust, and ultimately grow together with the customers.
  • Relationship with employees
    The company should create an environment where the employees can work voluntarily and willingly. And the employees should contribute to the development of the company and the creation of value for stakeholders.
  • Relationship with business partners
    Seek shared growth with business partners, and compete fairly with competitors.
  • Responsibilities to society
    Contribute to economic development while also contributing to society by conducting social and cultural activities and complying with social regulations.
  • Responsibilities to shareholders
    Raise the value of the company to create value for the shareholders, and enhance transparency of management and improve efficiency.

Reporting Ethical Management

We are open to reports of unfair business conduct, unreasonable requests for money, valuables, and favors, related misconduct, and other illegal/corrupt actions. The identity of the reporter and the contents of the report will be kept confidential under all circumstances, and the results can be verified in any desired format.
Reporting Ethical Management
Mail 26, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03188, Republic of Korea, (ethics management personnel of the CSR support team of SK E&S)