About SK E&S

As a reliable energy company, SK E&S rises to the challenge of creating
a sustainable life for humankind and using safe energy.

Green Portfolio

We are a company that can organically connect renewable energy, clean hydrogen, energy solutions,
and the LNG business to create synergy. With our unique green portfolio, we will make a differentiated growth story.

Profile (as of the end of December 2020)

With its unique green portfolio, SK E&S will be with
customers, members, investors and local communities and tell a sustainable growth story.
  • Establishment
  • No. of employees
    2,192 people (including employees of subsidiaries)
  • Assets
    KRW 10,999.8 billion
  • Sales
    KRW 5,749.5 billion
  • Net profit during the term
    KRW 861.8 billion
  • Credit rating
    AA (based on corporate bonds)