Energy Solution

SK E&S promotes an energy solution business that provides carbon-free energy to customers at a more reasonable price at their desired time and price, and improves the efficiency and stability of energy use.
  • Grid solution
  • DER (Distributed Energy Resource) solution
  • Mobility solutions

Domestic Business

  • Busan-JungKwan Energy
  • Entry into the domestic energy solution business by acquiring Busan-JungKwan Energy

    SK E&S, which acquires Busan-JungKwan Energy, plans to promote new energy solution projects such as smart network operation project (DERMS), ESS, VPP, and renewable energy O&M project based on its power distribution network.
    Go Busan-JungKwan Energy
  • Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction ESS
  • ESS* Business (*ESS : Energy Storage System)

    SK E&S provides various business models such as demand management ESS, which reduces electricity bills by lowering the maximum power demand of large businesses such as factories, as well as ESS linked to renewable energy, which prevents intermittency, which is a disadvantage of renewable energy, and increases the prediction accuracy of power generation.
  • Virtual Power Plant (VPP) project

    SK E&S is considering a small power brokerage business that recruits small power resources and mediates power and REC transactions to enter the VPP business.
  • Entering the electric vehicle charging business

    A key location for charging electric vehicles is a parking lot, and the parking cloud, which SK E&S acquired, has the largest parking lot Network in Korea. SK E&S will provide easy and convenient charging services through various types of electric vehicle charging services that meet the needs of electric vehicle users.

Global Business

  • Entering the American grid solution market

    SK E&S became a new majority owner of Key Capture Energy (KCE), an Americal grid solution company, in December, 2021. KCE integrates AI into ESS to stablize electric grid systems which may experience instability due to increase in use of renewable energy. The company is developing and operating ESS projects with a capacity of 3GW mainly in New York and Texas. Acquisition of KCE will help SK E&S grow into a global top tier energy solution company.
  • Operating a joint venture
    with Sunrun

    SK E&S created a joint venture with Sunrun in July, 2020 and has jointly developed energy solution service basically using solar power and battery with an aim to provide the service for American households. Distributed renewable energy system built at home will provide our customers with an energy solution that will produce and consume energy in the best possible way.
  • Operating Virtual Power Plant (VPP) project in the U.S.

    In 2019, SK E&S acquired Electrodes Holdings that have developed and operated about 80 ESSs in California to begin the virtual power plant business. Currently, SK E&S owns 50% of the stake of the U.S. company with its Korean partner. Virtual power plant manages and operates distributed generation in small scale (ESS, renewable energy or fuel cells) by using cloud computing. It can effectively supply electricity by using different telecommunication technologies and IoT.
  • Expanding the electric vehicle infrastructure in the U.S.

    In March 2022, SK E&S acquired EverCharge, a comprehensive provider of turn-key solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the U.S. Leveraging differentiated technologies such as dynamic load management, we are supplying electric vehicle charging infrastructure to major fleet customers.