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SK E&S Global Gas & Power Company
  • SK E&S plans to provide natural gas to the domestic and global markets through liquefaction facilities overseas and the Boryeong LNG Terminal in Korea.
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  • LNG is natural gas liquefied at -162℃ for mass transportation and storage. It is a colorless and odorless clean energy free of impurities. SK E&S entered into the global LNG Upstream/Midstream business fields to contribute to the achievement of national energy safety and the reduction of energy import costs.
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  • SK E&S’ power business produces electricity and supplies it safely and conveniently to users. SK E&S is currently operating its Gwangyang LNG Power Plant and Paju Power Plant.
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  • SK E&S’s district energy business is an environment-friendly high-efficiency business that generates heat and electricity from a concentrated energy production facility.
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  • City gas is an environment-friendly, safe, and convenient fuel supplied to domestic, industrial, and other customers through pipes.
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  • SK E&S is at the forefront of developing new and renewable energy power plants to expand sustainable business opportunities.
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  • SK E&S conducts a variety of business activities in China, Indonesia, Singapore, USA to procure competitive energy, penetrate export markets, enter overseas city gas businesses, etc.
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