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Power Energy


The main purpose of this power generation business is
to produce electricity and supply it safely and conveniently to end-users.
Currently, SK E&S operates its Gwangyang LNG Power Plant and Paju LNG Power Plant,
and Hanam CHP(Combined Heat and Power) and Wirye CHP.

Classification by Power Generation Method
  • Thermal power generation
    Coal, oil, LNG, LNG combined,
    coal gasification combined
  • Renewable energy generation
    Wind, solar, tidal power,
    geothermal heat, fuel cells
  • Nuclear power generation
    Nuclear fission to produce electricity
  • Hydro-electric
    power generation
    Hydro-electric, pumped, small hydro
What is LNG Combined Power Generation?

LNG combined power generation consists of primary and secondary power generation. Primary power generation is derived from the heat generated from the combustion of natural gas in the gas turbine. Secondary power generation is derived from the operation of a steam turbine using high-temperature exhaust gases as sources of heat to produce high-temperature and high-pressure steam. Combined Power Generation method

Advantages of the LNG Combined Power Generation
  • High Efficiency
    More efficient than ordinary
    thermal power generation
    Combined power plant generation efficiency : 57%
    Ordinary power plant generation efficiency : 38~40%
  • Environmental Protection
    Almost no pollutants emitted, as LNG,
    a clean fuel, is used
    Can be used near large cities
  • Short Construction Period
    Compared to other power plants,
    the construction period is short
    Nuclear power : 65 months,
    Coal : 50 months,
    LNG combined : 30 months