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city gas

Business Overview

SK E&S accounts for 22.2% of the domestic market,
making it the largest domestic player.

Market Share
Market Share : SKE&S 21.7% Volume of Supply : 5,347million㎥, Company A 16.1% Volume of Supply : 3,957 million㎥, Company B 9.0% Volume of Supply : 2,204 million㎥, Company C 6.0% Volume of Supply : 1,473 million㎥, Other 47.3% Volume of Supply : 11,642 million㎥
Volume of Sales by Use
Volume of Sales by Use : Domestic 37.6% Volume of Supply 1,961million㎥, Commercial 16.5% Volume of Supply 860million㎥, Industrial 36.1% Volume of Supply 1,879million㎥, Other 9.8% Volume of Supply 510million㎥
Pipe Length / Equipment

SKE&S 10,076km /National 46,981km

Overview of House Demand

SK E&S supplies city gas to over 426 million houses throughout the country.

Unit : Thousand household
Overview of House Demand
Ko-one Energy Service Busan City Gas Chungcheong Energy Service Gumi Energy Service Pohang Energy Service Jeonnam City Gas Gangwon City Gas Jeonbuk Energy Service Total
Houses in Demand 1,517 1,426 418 274 224 156 130 121 4,266
City Gas Business Operation Overview

SK E&S distributes safe and clean natural gas to eight regions in the country.

City Gas Business Operation Overview
Year of Commencement Region
Ko-one Energy Service 1980 (Seoul) Gangnam, Gangdong, Songpa, and Seocho regions
(Gyeonggi) Gwacheon, Seongnam, Hanam, Gwangju, Icheon, Yeoju
Busan City Gas 1982 (Busan) Entire Busan City
Youngnam Energy Service 1988 (Gyeongbuk) Gumi, Gimcheon, and parts of Chilgok
1990 (Gyeongbuk) Pohang, Youngdeok, Uljin
Chungcheong Energy Service 1989 (Chungbuk) Cheongju, Jaecheon, Jincheon, Eumseong, and parts of Cheongwon and Jeungpyeong
Jeonnam City Gas 1985 (Jeonnam) Suncheon, Gwangyang, Gokseong, Gurye
Jeonbuk Energy Service 1992 (Jeonbuk) Iksan and Jeongeub
Gangwon City Gas 1984 (Gangwon) Parts of Chuncheon and Hongcheon
CNG Business Operation Overview

SK E&S operates CNG refuelling stations in diverse areas throughout the country.

CNG Business Operation Overview
Name of Refueling Station Date of Commencement
Ko-one Energy Service Hanam 1 2002.07
Songpa 1 2002.08
Wirye 2018.04
Seocho 2009.10
Gangdong 2011.11
Youngnam Energy Service Gumi 2007.08
Moondeok 2010.12
Chungcheong Energy Service Biha 2004.02
Yongjeong 2005.12
Mipyeong 2008.11
Gangwon City Gas Chuncheon 2003.12
Jeonbuk Energy Service Songhak 2004.11
Total 12 stations
Systematic City Gas Management System
  • SK E&S has established a ‘City Gas SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) System’ for the safety of customers and employees and is carrying out safety management activities for accident prevention and emergency response. Based on the safety management activity proceeded under the ‘City Gas SHE System’, SK E&S further upgraded its existing accident prevention system by establishing TSMS (Total Safety Management System). Separately, the company is also doing its best to enhance onspot response in case of accident such as securing golden time and drawing out risk map

  • The city gas subsidiaries of SK E&S are running 62 Local Service Centers (LSC) under respective contracts. LSCs perform duty related to usage of city gas including safety check, reading meters, and transfer of residence etc. For the convenience of customers SK E&S combines a smart mobile service of metering, billing and collecting. In addition, the company practices customer-centered management, providing safe and accurate service.

  • SK E&S provides a standardized service by unifying the work process for customer service. Customer service line which was operated separately under respective city gas companies became unified in 2002. Since then the unified call center has been receiving inquiries about customer’s request for transfer, fee, delay in fee as well as offering consultation.

  • For stable supply of city gas to new customers in need, SK E&S performs all required processes from design of facility to construction and supply. In particular, to minimize the inconvenience to the residents during construction and to make sure the construction take place under the adequate conditions in aspects of safety, cost and quality, the company introduced a brand-new construction method to secure top-class technologies in the related field. Also the company continues to operate without accident or disaster through risk management under SHE (Safe, Health, Environment) System.