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The core value of SK E&S is to develop and connect the world’s energy. Through the completion of our value chain that encompasses the development, transportation, and supply of energy. SK E&S will grow into a 「Global Clean Energy & Solution Provider」



SK E&S is actively pursuing the LNG business as a growth engine to rise as a global energy corporation. In order to secure price competitiveness, the company has been pushing ahead various projects including joint development, investment in overseas gas fields, and purchase contracts.

  • Tangguh ContractSigned a contract to import 500,000~600,000 tons of LNG per year from Tangguh, Indonesia for next 20 years starting from 2006. Gwangyang LNG Power Plant is currently using it as fuel to produce power.
  • Caldita-Barossa ProjectSK E&S acquired a 37.5% stake in Caldita-Barossa gas field, located in offshore Australia in June, 2012.
  • Woodford Shale ProjectSK E&S signed a joint contract with Continental Resources Inc. in September 2014 to jointly develop the Woodford shale gas field, and secured a total of 38 million tons of shale gas.
  • Gorgon ContractSK E&S signed a contract with Chevron Corp. to purchase an average of around 0.8 Million tons of LNG per year for the next five years starting from 2017. The company uses the purchased LNG as fuel for Paju LNG Power Plant and Wirye CHP Plant.


SK E&S plans to pursue sales overseas and local supply projects through natural gas liquefaction facilities secured from abroad and LNG regasification terminal in Korea.

  • Freeport ProjectSK E&S signed a contract with Freeport LNG Corp. to use liquefaction facility producing 2.2 million tons of LNG annually starting from 2019.
  • Boryeong LNG TerminalSK E&S owns the Boryeong LNG Terminal, which comprises three 200,000kl LNG storage tanks and one LPG storage tank in Boryeong-si, South Chungcheong Province.
  • Prism Energy International Pte., Ltd.Prism Energy International Pte. Ltd. is a company located in Singapore responsible for the purchase and sale of LNG from overseas


SK E&S generates electric power through Gwangyang LNG Power Plant, heat and power through CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants, and city gas through seven city gas subsidiaries. SK E&S is taking a leap forward to becoming a leading comprehensive energy service provider that contributes to the security of national energy by constructing new power plants and diversifying its city gas business portfolio.

  • LNG power plants generate power The Gwangyang LNG Power Plant uses LNG imported from Tangguh, Indonesia as feedstock to generate power. With 1,126MW capacity, the plant accounts for 1.1% of the total domestic power generation facility.

    The Paju LNG Power Plant is in commercial operation with a capacity of 1,823MW.
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) plants : Supply heat and power The Hanam CHP Plant is providing heating to 41,500 households

    The Wirye CHP Plant is providing heating to 27,500 households
  • City gas distribution subsidiaries : Supply city gasSK E&S’ seven city gas distribution subsidiaries supply city gas to eight supply areas across the country. They have supplied a total of 5.26 billion ㎥ of city gas while holding 24.9% of the market share in 2017.


SK E&S is readying itself for a sustainable future through the development of its renewable energy business and is also in full cooperation with the nation’s renewable energy dissemination policies. We are pursuing development projects for new renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, fuel cell and opening doors for new business projects with due consideration to the environment and future.

  • Maintenance and operation of solar power plants with a total capacity of 25.8MW in 14 areas in Korea
  • Implementing wind power projects with a total capacity of 90.9MW