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About SK E&S

Corporate Culture

Introduced for the first time in 1979, SKMS (SK Management System) maintains the management principles and methods of SK.

Through common understanding and consensus of all employees at SK, SKMS has become the cornerstone of SK’s corporate culture. The management activities and corporate culture of SKMS have continued to play a large role in ensuring the consistent growth and development of SK.

SKMS is the foundation of management principles and corporate culture by which SK takes a leap forward to becoming a global leader amid a rapidly-changing management environment. SKMS is still evolving and developing, and people at SK are dedicated to putting SKMS into action.

이해관계자의 행복
An enterprise achieves sustained progress by maintaining stability and growth. It should also create value for its customers, employees and shareholders, thereby contributing to social and economic development.

The ultimate goal of SK is to make SK and its people happy.
In order to satisfy stakeholders, SK has set its goal as Super Excellent, or SUPEX, the highest level human beings can achieve; something at which it has worked hard to accomplish.
SK believes that SUPEX is achievable when all employees of the company exert themselves to their full ability, possible when members voluntarily and willingly use their intellect to its full extent.

Such persons can be called men and women of spirit.

Employees with spirit set higher goals, work harder to develop the necessary abilities, and produce better results through teamwork.

SK values people of spirit and creates an environment where they can make the most of their abilities.