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About SK E&S


Color System

SK Red is a dynamic and lively, and SK Orange represents ‘happiness, friendliness, and welcome.’ These are the two colors of the company’s logo and symbol. The basic rule in the use of the name in communication is to use the designated colors on a white background. Consistent use of the same colors plays a crucial role in building SK E&S’s image. Therefore, the color scheme should be followed.

  • SK Red PANTONE 186 C / C0 M100 Y81 K4. 색상표: #e0335d, #e86685, #ef99ae, #f7ccd6, #fbe6eb
  • SK Orange PANTONE 158 C / C0 M66 Y97 K0. 색상표: #f09d48, #f4b676, #f7cea3, #fbe7d1, #fdf3e9

Application of
CI colors for each
different background

Background : white, logo : color Background : red, logo : white Background : orange, logo : white Background : violet, logo : color
Background : white, logo : black Background : black, logo : white