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About SK E&S


SK E&S is becoming a Global Clean Energy & Solution Provider through implementation of a range of businesses, ranging from upstream interests such as overseas gas field development to downstream interests, which includes power generation, district energy, and city gas.

Key Business Sectors

  • Hydrogen Busines
  • Renewable Energy
  • LNG Business
  • Power Business
  • City Gas
  • Global Business

At a Glance

SK E&S was originally launched in 1999 as a holding company of its city gas business. It has since expanded to encompass LNG, electricity, community energy, new and renewable energy, and overseas energy businesses.

SK E&S currently operates and supplies electricity from its LNG power plants, and contributes to Korea’s national electricity procurement by introducing competitive LNG. Also, through its community energy business that produces heat and electricity simultaneously, SK E&S supplies environment-friendly and high-efficiency energy to domestic and industrial users. Its seven city gas subsidiaries located throughout the nation supply gas with safety management as its utmost priority. Furthermore, based on its accumulated expertise, it is focusing on city gas distribution in China. SK E&S is seeking to develop future energy sources such as solar energy and fuel cell energy through its new and renewable energy business to comply with the national environment-friendly policies and to become a leader in protecting the environment. SK E&S aspires to become a Global Clean Energy & Solution Provider both in Korea and overseas.

We will introduce competitive LNG
  • North America Shale Gas, Australia, Indonesia, Etc.
  • Development of Gas Fields, Short-term and Long-term Purchase Contracts

SK E&S proactively procures LNG at a competitive price and contributes to the national energy procurement and ultimately aims to reduce the national energy cost. In addition, with its consistent competitiveness in the fluctuating LNG market, SK E&S seeks to build a sustainable business structure. In 2012, SK E&S took its first step towards expanding its portfolio by participating in the off-shore development of gas fields in Australia. To procure US natural gas, which is relatively priced low in the global market, we are currently expanding our business activities. Through direct participation in gas field development and creation of an appropriate mix of long- and short-term purchase contracts, we hope to create a competitive LNG portfolio.

SK E&S procures assets by introducing and connecting LNG with demand 
  • North America LNG Liquefaction Equipment
  • Domestic and International Self-terminals

Due to the characteristics of LNG, it is a resource that requires infrastructure or equipment related to liquefaction, vaporization, and transportation.
SK E&S procures assets to connect LNG supply and demand.
In 2013, by signing a long-term equipment utilization contract with an LNG liquefaction facility in Texas, USA, SK E&S is the first domestic private company to procure low-priced LNG from the USA. Furthermore, the Boryeong LNG Terminal that is currently being built will provide a firm foundation for introducing LNG to the domestic market. As a global LNG supplier, we continuously seek new business opportunities.

As a global LNG supplier, we continuously seek new business opportunities.
  • Focus on Domestic, Chinese, and South East Asian Markets
  • Equity Investment, Supply Contract, Etc.

SK E&S will strengthen the foundations of its national city gas and electricity markets, and on the other hand, will expand its business territories into the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, where demand for LNG is rising. SK E&S operates the highly efficient Paju LNG Power Plant, Hanam CHP plant and Wirye CHP Plant. Globally, we are expanding into the Chinese city gas market to lead the introduction of city gas distribution, based on our strong track record in Korea. In addition, we intend to grow into a global player that discovers business opportunities in generation, city gas distribution, and LNG sales in Southeast Asian markets such as in Indonesia.


  • Establishment1999

  • HeadquartersSeoul, Korea

  • No. of employees2,222* As of July, 2021

  • Assets11,000 billion won* As of December, 2020

  • Sales5,750 billion won* As of December, 2020

  • Profit before income tax1,248 billion won* As of December, 2020

  • Subsidiaries21 domestic subsidiaries
    and joint corporations

  • Corporation34 overseas corporations