The CEO’s Message

  • SK E&S will become a more responsible energy company in the era of carbon neutrality by accelerating the establishment of Green Portfolio including renewable energy and hydrogen.  Yu Jeongjoon, Vice Chairman and CEO of SK E&S Choo Hyeongwook, CEO and President of SK E&S
    SK E&S showed strong performance in its existing business last year despite the unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic and rapidly changing environment in the energy market.
    Especially, entry into the hydrogen and the energy solution markets provided the company with an edge over others to achieve market dominance in the new energy market in the future. Its carbon neutral LNG business model enabled its renewable, hydrogen, low carbon LNG and energy solution business to be connected organically, allowing it to take its first step to shift toward a unique green portfolio.

    Although SK E&S is an unlisted company, it adopted the outside director system and created expert committee early to make its governance system more independent and transparent. The company also has engaged with the community to make the society a better and happier place to live; for example, it became the first ESG-driven voluntary business for win-win relationship in Korea, won the presidential award for win-win cooperation with SMEs and has developed participatory renewable energy business with local residents engaged in the business and with an aim to provide more benefits for them.

    Dear customers,
    Achieving carbon neutrality, the recent global trend, requires more profound corporate transformation.

    As a responsible energy company, SK E&S is committed to leading the transformation while fulfilling its responsibility by making practical proposals to achieve carbon neutrality as a “carbon-neutral energy optimizer”.
    In particular, we will make 2022 the year we accelerate building of a unique “green portfolio” consisting of renewable energy, hydrogen, energy solution and LNG combined with green CCUS technology that will be organically connected to each other. To this end, we will strive to develop new energy technology needed for the shift toward the “green portfolio” as well as enhance our capabilities including global recruiting excellence for talent acquisition.

    We will also make a strong commitment to making members of our company and the society happy by performing what we call “management for happiness”. By working together with SMEs and ventures that have growth potential for win-win cooperation and leading efforts to solve pain points in communities where we do business, we will continue to develop ideas to grow together with communities.

    We may face fear and challenges when we pave the path toward the future of energy that no one has taken. But, we will walk this path that we have to follow, trying what’s needed actively and thoroughly with our firm commitment.

    We invite you to join us on our journey towards making this possible.